111 West 57th Street (Steinway Tower)
2013-17, under construction
New York, NY

With SHoP Architects, New York
Project Manager/Senior Project Architect, Design Development-Construction

Client: JDS Development Group

111 West 57th Street revisits the dominant architectural problem of the twentieth century—the skyscraper—in terms of the accelerated pace of the twenty-first. At once the slenderest building of its kind (24x its own width), and one of the tallest buildings ever attempted in New York, its superlative ambitions engage the fantastic potential of this most technological of building types. 

Away from the raw extrusion of floor space, 111 West 57th Street attenuates the limitations of the 1916 New York zoning envelope in a cascade of sculptural terracotta and bronze, reviving the lost materiality of the great twentieth-century skyscrapers via the liberation of digital modeling and fabrication. Supertall and superthin, it gives back to the city at multiple scales unlocked by its primary function as a luxury residence: at the ground level, revitalizing Warren and Wetmore’s landmarked Steinway Hall Building (1925), while imprinting a delicate, highly figured new form on the silhouette of the New York Skyline. 

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